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Bowel Cancer - Preventable & Curable

The latest wonder drug? New research shows aspirin could prevent many cancers from developing and stop thousands of existing cancers spreading to other parts of the body. This cheap drug is a real life saver, according to Prof Peter Rothwell & colleagues at Oxford University. Who should take it and how? See Lynn's video on Aspirin with Sir John Burn - and videos about Lynch Syndrome & Family History.

Online Home Symptoms Checker

Takes just a few minutes in the privacy of your own home - gives advice tailored to you and a print out to take if it recommends that you see your GP.

Step by step guide to symptoms

Millions of us have bowel symptoms every year – they are one of the biggest reasons for seeing our GPs. But are yours important or will they go away without medical help? Try our step by step guide for ways to treat your symptoms to find out if they are serious or not.

Best hospital test if sent for investigation

Many people with key symptoms which turn out to be bowel cancer could be diagnosed more quickly and more cheaply if they were given the best test. Our new research shows which symptoms should be diagnosed by which test – flexible sigmoidoscopy? Colonoscopy? Barium enema? CT scans? MRI? etc

Our Videos

  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

    Five-minute short colonoscopy test which can find most bowel cancers with the key symptoms – also great for screening from 55.

  • Screening

    How to do the NHS bowel cancer screening test, the benefits and why no one should throw their free kit in the bin!

  • Having a Colonoscopy

    TV presenter Lynn Faulds Wood survived advanced bowel cancer – this is a shorter version of her own colonoscopy to show what it involves

  • Keyhole Surgery

    Most people diagnosed with bowel cancer could benefit from keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery yet most of them cannot get it.

  • Aspirin

    The Wonder Drug – Sir John Burn argues most of us should be taking aspirin from 50 to 65 to stop many people developing bowel cancer.

  • Lynch Syndrome

    Second commonest genetic risk for bowel cancer and other cancers yet most families do not know that they are affected

  • Liver Surgery

    Liver secondaries can be curable with surgery – but most people don’t get the op. Watch top surgeon Myrddin Rees & his team

  • The Nurses Story

    Meet nurse Ali Cantelo who has done thousands of five minute short colonoscopy tests - with great satisfaction ratings

  • Lynn’s Story

    Former BBC Watchdog presenter Lynn Faulds Wood was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer when her son was just three years old.

  • Carrie’s Story

    Carrie’s husband Ric had 6 months delay before his symptoms were diagnosed – he died - a five minute test earlier might have saved his life.

  • Debbie’s Story

    Debbie was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer, liver and lung secondaries – five operations thirteen years later this is her story.

  • Jo's Story

    Jo Cummins was 32 when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer – then the shock discovery it was in her liver and both lungs

  • Zoe’s Story

    Zoe was diagnosed with bowel cancer when pregnant with her third child, then she found it had gone to her liver.

  • Nigel's Story

    Nigel Smith had classic symptoms – overweight and taking little exercise, he says bowel cancer changed his life – for the better

  • Pam's Story

    Pam Harris has Coeliac’s disease and regular anaemia – her doctor sent her for a colonoscopy at 55 as a sensible precaution – it saved her life

  • Family History

    If bowel cancer is in your family, should your relatives get regular testing? Prof Sir John Burn gives advice

  • haveigotbowelcancer.com

    Lynn demonstrating how to use our online home Symptoms Checker - it's easy to use, takes seconds in privacy of your home

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