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Sara's Story

Sara Moore

SARA MOORE, 46, from Ipswich was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2008

Sara noticed bleeding in early September 2008 and went to the chemist for cream, thinking it was piles. 
A week later, she spotted dark blood in her stools, then more bleeding a week later.
Starting to worry, she went to her GP and was referred to a specialist clinic, where an examination revealed a growth in her rectum. A biopsy was taken – it was cancer.
Sara says the news was just awful – you listen when they tell you but it’s like it is happening to someone else. She says her boyfriend John and the hospital team gave her fantastic support.
Scans followed, to make sure the cancer hadn’t spread then a long operation (5 hours) to remove the cancer and lymph nodes.  Sara was given a temporary ileostomy loop – like an internal colostomy. 
When the results came back, it showed the lymph nodes weren’t affected and Sara had an early stage cancer.  She didn’t need chemo nor any further treatment.
Months later the ileostomy bag was removed and since then she has felt well. 

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