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Jo's Story

Jo Cummins

 Jo Cummins was diagnosed in October 2005 aged just 32.  After symptoms started in late September 2005 Jo went to her GP. The next day she was given a PR (per rectal) examination by a nurse. Then Jo was referred to hospital for a barium enema and after that a colonoscopy which showed a Dukes B tumor contained within the bowel.
Soon after Jo was operated on at St Georges, Tooting under the care of Roger Leciester and Robert Hagger. She had a Left Hemicolectomy and didn't have to have a bag. Low level chemo followed in January 2006. Jo does have history of bowel cancer and other cancers in her family.

All went well for Jo and she recovered very well. Then in the summer of 2007 Jo got the shocking news that some cancer had been found in her liver. A keyhole operation on her liver took place followed by 4 months of intensive chemo. It all went very well and Jo recovered well once more. 

Then in October 2008 Jo had the shocking diagnosis that more cancer had been found in her lungs - 3 tumors on the left side and 1 on the right. It was chemo first this time and then an operation in 2009 to remove half of her left lung and a resection on her right. More intensive chemo followed and this time the side effects were a bit worse and Jo lost her lovely red hair. 

Jo says 'Each time I was diagnosed with cancer it came as a great shock and I was terrified and each time it became a little bit harder to stay positive but I tried hard to and did - most of the time!I did have my very dark days too but have great friends and family who helped me'

Jo has had three all clears now and as you can see from her photo her beautiful red hair has returned in abundance! Jo continues to do very well.

How did Jo find us?

Jo says: ' I did a web search for anyone who was offering help with bowel cancer. I found Lynn's Bowel Cancer Campaign very informative and supportive and helpful. it was great to have somebody who had understanding and empathy of what I was going through. I often felt happy when I got off the phone’

Jo was one of the people that took photos for us at events - thanks so much Jo.

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