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Paul's Story

Hi my name is Paul Crack and I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2006. I’d had irregular bowels for quite some time, since late 2005  really and had tried all different kinds of over the counter remedies which never seemed to have a long lasting effect. While self- medicating I thought I probably had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Eventually I did go to the GP who did some blood tests that came back clear. But because my GP knew me and my family well he referred me to a consultant just to be sure, thank God.

I was seen at the Royal Bournemouth Hossloff. The duty consultant also thought all was well but decided as I had been referred he would do a colonoscopy just to be on the safe side.It took several months for the colonoscopy and everything else to be done so by the time I was diagnosed in August 2006, my tumour was classed as stage T4. What a shock! Thankfully it was all contained within the bowel.I was operated with a double resection on in January 2007 and had a bag for a while but eventually my stoma was reversed and slowly life returned to normal … whatever that is! However secondaries were discovered in my lungs resulted in 4 small tumours being removed but with keyhole surgery. Now I’m fighting fit and have been for 19 months and counting. I work, and in my spare time play and sing in a band called Reprise where I’m known as Curly. We have a website www.repriseonline.co.uk – take a look. 

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