Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Flexible sigmoidoscopy (flexi-sig) is a way of looking at the inside of the lower bowel through the bottom with a light and camera transmitting images of your colon and rectum onto a screen

It is a thin flexible tube and a very safe examination

Although uncomfortable for some patients it is more acceptable to patients than the older steel rigid instruments

The flexi-sig examines higher up the bowel than the older rigid 'scopes' because it can move round the bends in the bowel. It is very effective and usually can be done without any sedation in hospital Outpatients with minimal cleansing of the bowel. This is usually done at home using an enema sent through the post with the hospital appointment

Older patients may need help from a relative or a district nurse to administer the enema, which can be arranged by their GP. However don't worry if you can't cleanse the bowel. The hospital doctor or nurse will probably be able to do the examination without preparation and it is perfectly OK to keep your appointment without any bowel cleansing