Pile Symptoms

The term ‘pile symptoms’ is used for virtually any symptom around the anal canal (the last part of the gut) regardless of whether they have any direct relationship to the anal cushions (veins just underneath the skin in the anal canal) and can less confusingly be called ‘anal symptoms‘ The anal cushions are normal structures but have a great tendency to bleed especially during pregnancy and in younger men The term 'Pile symptoms’ is used in this symptom checker to include any of the following symptoms that occur in or around the anal canal; itching, discomfort/soreness, lumpiness/swelling, heavy dragging feeling and pain as well as prolapse Most ‘pile symptoms’ - apart from prolapse - are really caused by the skin around the anus becoming sore, perhaps by wiping too harshly with paper or the skin becoming sensitive to material in the stools. These symptoms can usually be controlled by 'careful cleaning' after having your bowels open. Also see “piles” and “careful cleaning” on this website Home Page under How to treat Other Bowel Problems